The new pole jack dunnage block (May, 2016)

Redmond Gary Australia has been approached by Essential Energy’s HSE Design and Improvements Coordinator who had the idea to further develop the fibre reinforced dunnage that is currently being used for their MEWP’s and Crane Borers. The problem was discussed regarding using pole jacks on unstable or soft surfaces. Suitable dunnage block was developed in conjunction with Essential Energy. The block was rectangular shaped and larger than a standard dunnage block used for a Crane Borer. The block had a scallop cut out of one side so that it could be pushed up close to the pole and still offer adequate support for the pole jack. The block was provided with two rope handles and the block was designed to have a work load limit of 22,000kg. A prototype pole jack dunnage block was manufactured and delivered to the Goulburn depot. The dunnage block had been used in the Yass area and was observed by the Regional Safety Specialist who witnessed its use on four poles and advised that the operators were more than happy with the performance and benefit the base provided and the pole in the pictures was the easiest to remove but was concreted in and required jacking all the way out with the pole jack dunnage block providing a firm and stable base for the pole jack base.

The pole jack dunnage block is easy to handle, stow and showed no deflection while being used and had a good non slip surface preventing slippage of the pole jack base. At this stage, the pole jack dunnage has been recommended ongoing use and to be made available to Crane Borer operators.

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