Redmond Gary Australia at the Bicsi Exhibition (May, 2016)

Redmond Gary Australia exhibited once again at the Bicsi South Pacific Conference and Exhibition Centre at Darling Harbour, Sydney. The Bicsi exhibition is all about installation of fibre optic cables. Traditionally, representatives of Bicsi have been involved in the construction industry putting fibre optic networks into high rise buildings and other infrastructure projects but now they are expanding their operations to include major cable installations, such as NBN, and other fibre optic communication networks. Major contractors were exhibiting and there was keen interest in Redmond Gary Australia’s fibre optic cable handling equipment, including fibre optic capstan winches, fibre optic cable blowers and self loading cable drum trailers. There were many instances reported during the conference of contractors who had been mishandling fibre optic cable which has cost millions of dollars. Redmond Gary Australia has been manufacturing fibre optic cable handling equipment for more than 20 years with specialist knowledge, fibre optic cable can easily be handled without the risk of damaging cable during the installation process simply by using our equipment which can monitor or record tension, distance and speed rate of line pulls.

The exhibition was manned by Darren Hoare and our new representative, Trevor Millar. The exhibition gave Trevor a good insight into the industry and Bicsi representatives have requested that Redmond Gary consider offering specialised training to their members in safe handling procedures and installation of fibre optic cable.