Healesville Directional Drilling (June, 2016)

Redmond Gary Australia was approached by Healesville Directional Drilling, who have been involved in the design and manufacture of a suitable conduit trailer over the last five years. They manufactured a trailer by themselves which was a good concept but had some shortcomings in design and compliance with Australian Standards. They had approached other manufacturers in Victoria wanting to have the trailer further developed into a commercially viable product without success.

A group from Healesville Directional Drilling and other contractors who attended a Directional Drilling Conference on the Gold Coast visited Redmond Gary Australia in the second half of 2015. The group subsequently visited Redmond Gary Australia’s workshop on the Gold Coast and discussed the prospect of designing and manufacturing purpose built conduit trailer and straightener.

It was agreed that the Redmond Gary Australia would provide the complete engineering design and manufacture a trailer suitable for Healesville Directional Drilling requirements and Redmond Gary Australia would have the right to offer this type of equipment to other Directional Drilling contractors. After four months of engineering design the drawings were completed along with all necessary calculations and compliances to Australian Standards and Australian Design Rules making the units suitable for sale in Australia and New Zealand.

The first conduit trailer and straightener was inspected and tested by Justin Pearson, Managing Director of Healesville Directional Drilling Pty Ltd. The trailer performed very well and the straightener worked perfectly. Justin suggested a few minor changes which will be implemented into the design and supplied as standard with all subsequent trailers.