Refresher Training Portal – (March 2024)

Redmond Gary Australia refresher training portal is now available for operators of Redmond Gary Australia equipment.

Refresher training is intended for operators who have completed onsite training by Redmond Gary Australia or another trainer. The refresher training is a user-paid training portal for most common Redmond Gary Australia equipment. There are many options available for individuals, small groups or large organisations. Training can be taken at any time using a mobile phone tablet or computer. The trainee will select a training short video that will play to confirm the correct training course has been selected before payment is made.

The trainee will view the training video and complete a quiz, after getting 90% the trainee will be able to download a certificate that is valid for 12 months. The training portal includes the following courses and new courses are being added as new equipment becomes available.


  • TL – MEWP Series
  • TF17M MEWP
  • 1t Self Loading Cable Trailer
  • 2t Self Loading Cable Trailer
  • 5t Self Loading Cable Trailer
  • 7t Self Loading Cable Trailer
  • 5t Self Loading Cable Trailer
  • 3t Self Loading Cable Trailer
  • 5t Self Loading Cable Trailer
  • 6t Self Loading Cable Trailer
  • 1 Drum ABC Trailer
  • 1 Drum Dual Axle ABC Trailer
  • 2 Drum Dual Axle ABC Trailer
  • 3 Drum Dual Axle ABC Trailer
  • 20/40kN Trailer Mounted Recovery Winch
  • 5kN Fibre Optic Winch Trailer
  • Pusher Cutter Trailer
  • 5kN Fibre Optic Winch Skid
  • 10kN 3 Drum Recovery Skid
  • 10kN 3 Drum Winch – Truck Mounted
  • 25kN 3 Drum Recovery Skid
  • 20/40kN Skid Mount Recovery Winch
  • 35kN Bull Wheel Winch Skid
  • 5t Drum Stand Winch
  • 5t Drum Stand
  • 3t Drum Stand
  • 6t Drum Stand
  • 14t Drum Stand
  • 20kN Side Mount Cable Pusher
  • 2 Drum 6t Tensioner/Winch – Heavy Rail
  • Triple 2.8t Drum Stand Truck

The portal can be accessed via the Redmond Gary Australia website in the training section or go directly to