Long Term Employee Retires After 19 Years at Redmond Gary Australia – January 2024

Sheryl Welson bids farewell to Redmond Gary Australia after an impressive tenure of nearly 20 years, marking her retirement in January 2024. Serving as both Receptionist and Accounts Receivable personnel, Sheryl has been a fixture at our front desk, earning recognition from suppliers and customers alike.

Throughout her tenure, Sheryl witnessed significant transformations, including the refurbishment of our office and reception area. Her steadfast dedication and reliability have been invaluable to the company.

To commemorate her departure, colleagues gathered for a celebratory cake on her final day. Additionally, senior management treated her to a memorable lunch at the 360 Bar in the Grand Hotel.

As Sheryl embarks on a new chapter in her life, we extend our heartfelt wishes for a fulfilling retirement and a well-deserved period of rest.