The completion of the first of a new model 2kN Fibre Optic Winch Skid (January 2017)

Redmond Gary has just completed the first of a new model 2kN Fibre Optic Winch Skid. This is a cut down version of the 5kN Winch Skid and features operator controls on the side of the unit and a separate foot-operated control for stop and forward /reverse of the wheel rotation. This design is a refinement of previous designs. After the unit has been set up, a single operator can control the unit. This unit is a labour saving device.

This unit is rated for 2kN line pull and will be supplied with a test certificate, certified by the engineering department at Redmond Gary Australia. On request, the certification can be made for ratings less than 2kN line pull at the time of manufacture. All certifications will be completed at the factory prior to delivery.

In addition, we can arrange for Telstra certification, if required. The new winch is a Kohler petrol engine and is extremely competitively priced and we are expecting to have large sales volume.