BICSI South Pacific’s 2018 New Zealand Conference (April, 2018)

Redmond Gary Australia’s Darren Hoare travelled to Auckland last month to attend BICSI South Pacific’s 2018 New Zealand Conference.  The conference has held at the Ellerslie Event Centre on the 10th April and focused on the emergence of New Zealand’s ‘Smart Building’ and ‘Smart City’ and the ICT infrastructure necessary to provide these services.

With increased demand for our 2kN and 5kN Fibre Optic Winches during the NBN rollout in Australia, Redmond Gary exhibited in the conference and garnered a lot of interest.  We were the only exhibitor of outside plant and our attendance was well received by those who hadn’t seen or known where they could get this type of equipment.

Despite the dismal weather (the day following the event saw Auckland city blacked out for most of the week), the conference was deemed to be BICSI’s busiest and biggest in NZ with lots of exhibitors and visitors on the day.  This is our fourth year attending BISCI conferences and we are looking forward to future events.  The next BICSI conference is in Brisbane in October and is well worth the visit.