RCR Technologies Takes Delivery of New CNC Lathe – December 2023

RG Machine Tools, a division of Redmond Gary Australia, has successfully delivered and commissioned a CNC Takang Lathe Model LC40 x 5200mm, to RCR Technologies located in Picton, Western Australia.

Featuring a robust design, this lathe boasts an impressive capacity, providing 1020mm over the bed and 610mm over the carriage, catering to workpieces with lengths of up to 5200mm. The lathe is powered by the Fanuc OiTF CNC system equipped with conversational control and manual guide i, it ensures precise and efficient machining operations.

This acquisition marks the replacement of the previous Ryazan 1M63 x 5000mm lathe. With its expanded capabilities, the new machine promises enhanced productivity, particularly for the machining of long shaft workpieces, thus significantly reducing process times.