Endeavour Energy Takes Delivery of 3 Drum Winch/Tensioner – (April 2024)

Redmond Gary Australia together with Endeavour Energy, has designed and manufactured a completely new winch tensioner. The machine is skid-mounted to meet the specific requirements of the Endeavour Energy overhead stringing team.

The new equipment was a two-year project, the unit is fully self-contained with a built-in diesel hydraulic power pack.

The winch tensioner can be mounted on a truck with container locks or mounted directly onto the ground with anchors.

Three winch tensioners are provided, with a drum capacity of up to 1600mm diameter x 1100mm wide, weighing up to 2000kg each. The winch capacity is 22kN at 750mm diameter and the tension range is 5-20kn at 750mm diameter.

Both winch and tensioner units are controlled via an electronic touch screen, a data logger is also provided and downloaded via a USB port.

Operator safety is most important. The operator is housed in a steel cubicle, with protective screens. All gates and ladders are interlocked and all hydraulic hoses run under the deck or are provided with burst-proof sleeves. The new machine will give increased capacity and drum weight is limited by the carrying vehicle.

For more information contact sales@rg.com.au