Specially designed trailer and large diameter drum manufactured for Ampcontrol Group (August, 2010)

Specially designed trailer and large diameter drum manufactured for the Ampcontrol Group. This is an example of Redmond Gary Australia’s ability to modify existing equipment designs to suit the specific requirements of individual customers.

The drum has been designed to take large cables for connection of mobile substation sets directly into the grid, making it possible to perform maintenance on substations, power lines or utility poles with less interruption to customers’ supply. The drum (3.2 metres in diameter) was designed and manufactured to meet Ampcontrol’s requirements. Our existing range of cable drum trailers could not accommodate a drum of this size, so we modified our standard 6 tonne self loading cable drum trailer to accommodate the 3.2 metre diameter drum and provide it with suitable drum drive mechanism to pay out and recover cables. The drum will be semi-permanently mounted to the trailer, so there is no need to provide self-loading capability.

This is an example of the diverse range of equipment and specialised design that can be provided by Redmond Gary Australia. With substantial in-house engineering capability, Redmond Gary Australia has the capacity to design and manufacture equipment to meet the exact requirements of its customers.