The new lightweight 2.5t Self Loading Cable Trailer delivered to SA Power Networks (September, 2016)

After the successful launch of the new lightweight 2.5t Self Loading Cable Trailer, we are receiving strong enquiries and have delivered another trailer to SA Power Networks. The trailer will be used for NBN contract in the Adelaide area. This type of trailer is completely new to SA Power Networks and it will be used within a new division.

The trailer was selected because of its high load carrying capacity in comparison with the weight of the trailer. With the trailer laden with a 2500kg drum, the complete trailer, including the drum weighs less than 3500kg. The trailer is provided with electric brakes and power drum rotator. Being less than 3500kg it can be towed by an appropriately rated ute or small truck. Having a dual wheel construction, the trailer is easy to reverse and features rolling element bearings on the spindle making it extremely easy to rotate the drum of fibre optic cable.