Evoenergy takes delivery of two new 6T Self Loading Cable Drum Trailers

Two new 6T Self Loading Cable Drum Trailers have been supplied to Evoenergy.  These trailers will replace two 6T Self Loading Cable Drum Trailers that have been in service for more than 25 years.

Although the older trailers were still serviceable, the new trailers have significant design upgrades and have evolved over the years based on changes in technology, Australian design requirements and customer feedback.

These substantial improvements to the new trailers include a water cooled diesel engine and extended draw bar.  In addition, the trailers have been supplied with a wide range of optional accessories to improve the safety and usability of the trailers.  Some of these options are:-

  • Additional Emergency stop (engine)
  • Drum Rotator capable of 500kg line pull
  • Toolbox, Mounted Across Long Drawbar, 1000x300x400mm with Partition
  • Hydraulic Front Jackleg/Stabiliser
  • Hydraulic Spindle Brake
  • 500kg Capstan Winch (Inc Foot Control)
  • Full Guarding (Both Sides)
  • Loose Wheel Nut Indicators
  • Earthing point on rear cross member
  • Dunnage Kit (2 x FRP Dunnage C/W Holder)
  • Loose Wheel Nut Indicators
  • Drum Rotator capable of 1000kg line pull
  • 2000kg Capstan Winch (Inc Foot Control) Max Drum Ø = 2.6m
  • Split Drum 1800mm
  • Solar Battery Charger & Controller , Engine Cabinet Mnt
  • Bolt on fairlead arrangement
  • Mines Pack with Arm Extension/Roller System/Hand Held Remote Control
  • Rear Fairlead

Redmond Gary Australia also supply onsite Safety Training and familiarisation of the new generation trailers.