TL17M Delivered to Karratha WA (May 2020)

Horizon Energy has ordered its first TL17M MEWP to be delivered to Karratha, Western Australia, to service a wide area.  This machine was specially requested by the Horizon team at Karratha because of its enhanced specifications in comparison with previous machines supplied.  This will be the third machine supplied to Horizon Energy.  The first two machines were both models TF13M mounted on an MAN 4×4 chassis, with the first machine being delivered to Esperance in 2013 and the second machine delivered to Broome in 2014.  From the early days of the first machine, it is interesting to see that machines were mainly colour coded being orange for LV and white for HV. You will notice the first machine delivered to Esperance is orange with orange cabinets. But the second machine delivered to Broome has an orange LV boom but white cabinets.  The current machine model TL17M has a more standard colour scheme, the same as provided to all other electricity authorities in Australia.  It has taken some time but the machines provided to Western Australia now have a standard colour scheme in accordance with Australian Standard AS1418.10-2011. This colour scheme is universal for the industry and as a manufacturer, it is easier to supply equipment that is the same for all customers. However, the cabinet set supplied with the new machine for Karratha has been specifically designed to meet the Horizon team’s requirements.