10kN 1 Drum Recovery Winch – October 2023

This winch was specially designed to meet the requirements of Horizon Power and will be delivered to their Esperance depot.

The 1-Drum recovery winch has been designed for pulling old overhead conductors onto a storage reel and at the same time pulling the new conductors into their place. The winch is provided with 1 storage reel.

The drum is a split-type metal construction and can be easily removed from the carrier. The winch is provided with a load monitoring system that indicates line pull. The unit has an operator station with a wire mesh guard and has its own power pack. The winch unit is skid-mounted and is designed to be put on the back of a flat-top truck using quick-release container locks. This type of winch is the same as a 10kN 3 Drum Winch Skid but has only one drum.