Ausgrid takes delivery of new design 3 Drum Trucks – November 2023

Redmond Gary Australia in consultation with Ausgrid Fleet and a number of their work groups have completed three new trucks. Each unit can carry 3 drums weighing 2800kg each. The drum sizes are up to 2000mm in diameter and up to 1200mm wide. Each drum stand is a separate unit and is provided with a 1000kg @ 1000mm diameter drum rotator. Each stand is an autonomous unit and can be operated as a set of three or any other combination. The truck is provided with a fairlead at the rear to accommodate cables from each drum. The three units are provided with hydraulic folding platforms with safety rail and ladders at each end. The kerb side of the truck has handrails that fold down so drums can be loaded or unloaded from the drum stands. It is also possible to remove the drum stands from the vehicle.


The fold-down platform is operated by push buttons on the driver’s side of the truck, behind the cab. This allows a clear view of the platform when in operation. All functions on the platform are controlled hydraulically, including lowering and deploying handrails.

Control of the drum stands is by radio remote or by a manual control station on the kerb side of the truck. Each drum stand is provided with a hydraulic drag brake and the controls for these brakes are adjacent to the manual control station.