Redmond Gary Australia takes delivery of a new Okuma CNC Lathe – November 2023

Redmond Gary Australia has just installed a new Okuma LB 4000 EX. The machine is a lathe with milling. This new machine can process work pieces up to 430mm diameter x 1500mm long. The machine has C and Y axis for milling. This machine was built to order by Okuma in Japan.

It is an extremely high-powered machine with the latest OSP CNC control and advanced software, making it possible to take CAD files directly from the drawing system to the machine, with built-in post processor to convert to machine language. This machine is equipped with special software and thermo sensors that are placed around the machines in strategic locations to measure deflection in the machine as a result of continuous heavy cutting conditions, increasing the temperature of base castings with the temperature change, the software automatically compensates for machine deflection and maintains machine part accuracy to within 7 microns.

This level of accuracy is far beyond what is required for Redmond Gary Australia, however, it means that parts will come off the machine well within our internal specifications. In addition, we have purchased a number of advanced software packages to eliminate machine vibration and make it possible to hob splines and gears. The machine can process workpieces that would previously be done using a CNC lathe with a second operation in a CNC machining center. This will increase our machine shop’s capacity and reduce part costs.