Redmond Gary Australia upgrades its Engineering Department capabilities. (November, 2009)

Redmond Gary Australia has just purchased new finite element analysis software (Femap with NX Nastran) from Siemens. This software compliments the existing 5 seats of Solid Edge 3D Drawing software. The new system has been loaded onto all computers in the engineering department. This high end software package has a range of capabilities. The base module includes linear and statics, normal modes, buckling, basic nonlinear and heat transfer. In addition, NX Nastran for Femap includes additional options for dynamics – that includes transient/dynamic, frequency/harmonic response, response spectrum, random response Dynamic Design Analysis ndash; as well as advanced nonlinear analysis, aeroelasticity, superelements, optimsation, rotor dynamics and Direct Matrix Abstraction Program).

This enhanced capability brings to Redmond Gary Australia’s design office state-of-the-art capability making it possible to optimise all designs and create certifiable design calculations in conjunction with other software applications making it possible to accelerate the design process and at the same time increase standards with the ambition to reach international benchmark levels.

All Redmond Gary Australia products are designed in-house to meet Australian and international standards. Redmond Gary Australia employs three full time mechanical design engineers together with two technical officers to manage the drawing system with in excess of 48,000 drawings currently.

In addition, Redmond Gary Australia employs two additional engineers – one in production and one in administration. With combination of high levels of experience and very strong engineering background, Redmond Gary Australia’s products continue to meet market expectations.